Student Organizations


Find your people. Getting involved in student organizations is not just beneficial, but imperative, to a well-rounded, educated, and memory-filled college experience.

One of the biggest advantages of a large university is the amount of opportunities. UConn is bustling with over 600 clubs. There is sure to be something that interests you, and if not, you can always find a group of people with a similar interest and start your own!

Connections are made through these activities, connections that can impact you for years on end. Whether its wanting to sharpen a skill or even just pick up a new one, UConn has the organization for you.



  1. Attend the Involvement FairEach year, UConn hosts a giant event on Fairfield Way that showcases all the organizations it has to offer. Stop by there in the fall and talk to some clubs that interest you
  2. Utilize UConntact. UConntact is a site that gathers all the clubs offered in one central area. If you're feeling a bit shy, or missed the fair, you can always read up on some clubs on there.
  3. Discover your intention. Avoid signing up for a multitude of clubs, to the point where you feel like you cannot handle all of them at once.
  4. Start your own. If you can't find an existing club that matches your needs, feel free to start your own! It will show great initiative and be a fantastic leadership experience.

Featured Clubs:

Women in Math, Science & Engineering

An organization that allows all undergraduates to share their knowledge and passion for the sciences.

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Society of Women Engineers

Dedicated to supporting and promoting women in engineering.

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Phi Sigma Rho

A social sorority for women in the School of Engineering.

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Other Notable Organizations:

  1. Women & Minorities in Economics - looking to foster an inclusive environment for students interested in economics, with a focus on women and other underrepresented minorities. Our goal is to promote diversity in the field, introduce potential career paths, and empower members.
  2. National Organization for Women - looking to promote activism through advocacy and education for the achievement of equity at the University and within the community at large.
  3. National Council of Negro Women -  works to unite women from diverse segments of the community to work on improving the quality of life for women.
  4. Women's Legacy - strive to build a sisterhood between those who identify as a woman by facilitating a joint appreciation & empowerment. 
  5. Sisters Inspiring Sisters -  working on creating changes in the lives of women to provide a more positive outlook on life, create a sense of mentorship and foster volunteer activities for women looking to get involved.