Find a Mentor


The greatest feats are never accomplished alone. It’s when you work with others that creativity is enhanced. Mentors are essential in your journey. They have experienced more, learned more and can guide you through similar struggles they have faced. Whether having one just to talk to, or to reach out to in times of need, having someone to listen is crucial.

lab professor and student


There are many ways to have mentors. There are those that are given to you and those that you choose.

  1. Those that are given: These would be people like your advisors, guidance counselors, parents and teachers. They are in professions of care, eduation, or social work, so they are people to talk to when you need career advice or personal advice.
  2. Those that you choose: We all admire people. People who go above and beyond their lifetimes to achieve something great. Research into interests that fuel your passion and find people who have excelled in those fields. Read about their lives and what they went through to accomplish their tasks.

Featured Women Leaders:

Megan Smith

Chief Technology Officer of America

Nina Tandon

Co-Founder of EpiBone

Maryam Mirzakhani

Mathematician at Stanford University

Jennifer Doudna

Developer of CRISPR

Sheryl Sandberg

Chief Operating Officer of Facebook

Cori Bargmann

Neurobiologist at Rockefeller University