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Research Opportunities


Learn what a day in the life is like beyond the classroom, and build meaningful mentoring relationships. Graduate schools, professional schools, and employers also expect students to have had these hands-on experiences, so let's dive in and find your fit!

6 Reasons Why Research Is Cool 


  1. Be Reactive

    -Check out job boards or research databases for opportunities that are seeking applicants

  2. Be Proactive

    -Talk to faculty about their research (many faculty will pull examples in class from their research or would be happy to chat in a meeting with you!)

    -Attend events that will allow you to meet/network with faculty and employers

    -Do your “research” on research/internships – look at departmental webpages or company pages and reach out to set up a meeting or informational interview

    -Ask your peers about their experiences (how did they secure their experience?)

    *Note: proactive strategies are often the best way to secure research opportunities on-campus as very few are posted and most are cultivated by building relationships. Internships and co-ops can also be secured in this way or by using databases and job boards.

Jinzi Deng

Research Opportunities:

Learn more through the Office of Undergraduate Research events. There are many ways to gain research experience on campus (remember most are found by being proactive)

  1. On-campus research opportunities
  2. Student Employment (“research” as a search term or keywords associated with your discipline)
  3. Lincus – to search topics interesting to you and which faculty are working on them
    1. CORE - resources and equipment for research 
  4. McNair Scholars Program - prepares students for doctoral studies in STEM
  5. Funding Options - got an idea? We have the resources!